Dress Code

 Daytime Attire:

 Business Casual


 NO JEANS; shorts, skirts and dresses must be longer than fingertips, NO  HALTERS OR TUBE TOPS


 1 Set of Workout Clothes for a Sunday 4pm Session


 1 Set of Clothes easy enough to play sports in

 Night 1: Garba/Raas

 Traditional Garba Clothes

 Night 2: Mela

 Casual Clothes

 Night 3: Formal -  Masquerede Ball

 Semi-Formal/Formal Outfits (WE WILL PROVIDE MASKS)

 Night 4: Networking

 Casual Clothes

 Nighttime DONTS

 Short Shorts, Ripped Jeans or Shirts, Short Skirts above fingertips, halters,  tube tops, spaghetti strap.


Dress code will be strictly enforced.  Conference / Ball rooms tend to keep temperature in high 60’s so you might want to bring a sweater, light jacket or something to keep you warm while indoors. Expect warm temperature outdoors so please dress accordingly and appropriately.