FAQ Jain Milan Membership

JAIN MILAN  Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register for JAINA Convention 2017?



How much does it cost?

Registration fees are posted on the registration site.


  1. Can I register for 2 day registration and attend YJP or Jain Milan?       

The two day registration is only for JAINA adult programming. YJP or Jain Milan requires full 5 day registration. Jain Milan and YJP are for 3 full days so 2 day registration will not be honored. There is no UPGRADE from 2 day registration to Jain Milan or YJP add-on track.


  1. Can I attend JAINA Adult programming?

Yes if you have registered for JAINA and Jain Milan or YJP, you can attend JAINA Adult programming.


  1. What happens if I don’t signup for YJP or Jain Milan?

If you have only registered for JAINA you will only have access to JAINA Adult programming. Your wristband and badge will only grant you access to JAINA adult programming. Each wristband is specific for the programming that the individual has signed up for and will be strictly enforced for safety, security, and program capacity.  Space is limited so we encourage you to signup early. We will accept all registration until the deadline set forth by JAINA.


  1. I am attending Jain Milan only do I need to register for JAINA?

Yes, the JAINA registration fees cover all the expenses associated with YJP & Jain Milan daytime programming, meals, transportation, event hall for Youth activities, etc.


The additional registration fee for YJP or Jain Milan is associated with the evening programming for 3 evenings which includes entertainment, Mela, Masquerade Ball, etc. that is independent from JAINA Adult programming.


You have to register for 5 days of JAINA + Additional programming such as YJP or Jain Milan.



  1. I have already registered for JAINA how do I add-on YJP or Jain Milan?

Convention.jaina.org  under FAQ please select Registration Modification option.

Please follow the steps below to modify JAINA registration.

  • Click on 'Already Registered?' on top of the page @ convention.jaina.org
  • Provide your confirmation number and email address
  • This will take you to your registration details where you can add/cancel/modify registration
  • Do NOT check Unregister box on the left side of name unless you want to cancel registration for that person. Once cancelled we are unable to reactivate registration.
  1. How can I distinguish who have signed up for which programming at the JAINA convention?

We will have specialized name tag and wristband for different groups and tracks. The wristband will only grant you access to approved programming for your registration.

Example: If you have registered only for JAINA and wish to attend a YJP or Jain Milan session you will be respectfully turned away as you do not have access to those programming. This is for your safety, security and to ensure that only registered participants have access to those programming. This also helps us ensure every person that has registered able to attend the programming. There will be no outside access to the specialized programming for YJP & Jain Milan without a wristband.


  1. What happens if I lose my wristband or badge for YJP or Jain Milan?

If you lose your wristband for YJP or Jain Milan you will have to pay a wristband replacement fee of $75 plus register for the add-on track once again with the on-site pricing. The badge and wristband is durable and should be worn throughout the convention. This is also for the safety of the attendees to ensure that only registered participants are entering the facility.


  1. Can I bring my own vehicle to the YJP & Jain Milan programming?

Due to limited space at the daytime programming facility personal vehicles will not be allowed. Please take JAINA provided transportation and confirm the bus route. Parking space is limited which is used for bus transportation so please park at one of the JAINA hotels you are staying or is part of the bus route for YJP & Jain Milan daytime programming. We have been informed by the YJP & Jain Milan daytime facility that for security reason towing will be enforced. 


  1. Is transportation included?

Transportation from JAINA recommended hotels will be provided, not all hotels are part of the bus route. Please refer to the bus route and transportation information on convention.jaina.org website.  You may have to transfer to one of the other hotel to catch a bus to/from the YJP & Jain Milan event. We encourage you to stay at Edison Hotel (E-Hotel) if possible.


  1. I have registered for JAINA & Jain Milan what do I do next?

Once you have registered for JAINA and Jain Milan please visit http://www.jainmilan.org to create your profile. If you already have created your profile please login to the site and ensure you have a photo and all the information is accurate including your partner profile and your own information is accurate. Please ensure that all the contact information, names are accurate, we do no disclose ALL the information but it is used in case of an emergency or for profile verification. Incomplete and/or inaccurate profiles without a photo will be removed from the website on June 16th and your registration will be changed to YJP automatically. Please see JAIN MILAN SPECIFIC REGISTRATION / FAQ information below or on www.jainmilan.org website.



  1. I am not 100% sure if I will be able to make it to Jain Milan.

We encourage you to create a profile on www.jainmilan.org in case if you do decide to come all your information is online and would make the signup process and adding your profile to the search much easier.   www.jainmilan.org has profiles that are hosted year long so we encourage you to signup for our premium service as well.


  1. Can I attend YJP sessions if I register for Jain Milan?

Yes, you can attend YJP session if you have registered for and completed all the requirements for Jain Milan.


  1. Can I attend Jain Milan programming if I have registered for YJP, Youth Activities or JAINA programming?

Unfortunately No, only those people that have registered for Jain Milan and have created their profiles on www.jainmilan.org, meet the age, and marital status requirements will be allowed to attend Jain Milan specific events. Jain Milan is for single Jain’s 24 - 42 only.


  1. How can I donate & sponsor?

We are honored that you are taking an opportunity to donate and/or sponsor an event and activity. Please visit http://convention.jaina.org  website and select Sponsorship tab. You can donate as little as $25 and everyone including students, young adults, entrepreneur, professionals, specialists, retiree, and even young kids can take an opportunity to give back to the community and sponsor or donate to JAINA. This is a great way to showcase how one of the richest community in North America can give back to its own community and members.

Please visit http://www.jaina.org/donations/  to find out more.


  1. Where can I find programming information?

Please visit http://convention.jaina.org   website and select the appropriate programming information under Program Information section on the main page from your desktop browser. 


  1. What is the dress code?

The dress code is posted under the YJP or Jain Milan Program Information tab. Please dress to impress and remember that we are part of JAINA organization and at a JAINA event. Any inappropriate behavior, clothing or actions will result in removal from the event. Dress code will be strictly enforced. If you are unsure about how to dress, please feel free to ask other attendees that have attended JAINA or Jain Milan previously.


  1. How do I book my hotel?

Once you have registered for JAINA & Jain Milan or YJP please click on the HOTEL & TRAVEL option on http://convention.jaina.org  ( this option is only available once you have registered for the convention )


  1. Is programming final?

We have posted the draft profiles online. As stated on the website, programming, content, speakers, events, timing, location, schedule, sessions, activities are subject to change without notice. We will make every effort to update the website. Please note we are not responsible for changes that are out of our control. 

Please refer to the programming information as a reference. We have a lot of exciting programming in store for the attendees.


  1. Where can I find information related to hotel, transportation, etc.?



  1. I want to volunteer how can I help?

We are looking for volunteers that can help volunteer for few hours or throughout the entire convention. We hope you will take the opportunity to volunteer and help the community. Please signup to volunteer at convention.jaina.org  under Registration & Volunteer Information.  You may also select the Volunteer option during registration.


  1. If I have a question who can I contact?

http://convention.jaina.org  please select Contact Us tab and email the appropriate team.



JAIN MILAN  Specific required registration & profile creation – Deadline to signup and complete the profile for JAINA Convention 2017 is June 15th 2017. On-Site registration is NOT GUARANTEED as space is limited. If you register and complete all the requirements by June 15th you are guaranteed a spot at Jain Milan during JAINA Convention 2017.


  1. Register for JAINA & Jain Milan add-on track from convention.jaina.org website
  2. Please keep a copy of your registration email which includes your registration number and email address used during Jaina Convention 2017 Registration process.
  3. Please create your profile on www.jainmilan.org and complete each and every required fields including uploading at least 1 picture.
  4. If you have already registered on www.jainmilan.org please follow the steps below.
    1. Login to your account www.jainmilan.org   (if you have forgotten your password please select reset password and follow the instructions)
    2. Click on My profile or https://www.jainmilan.org/myprofile.php
    3. Select Edit Profile (left tab)
    4. Please verify each and every date in the field and tabs on the top. We have recently made changes to the registration form recently so please confirm the basic information including country, description and also update and confirm all the fields in the contact tab.
  5. Once you have updated all of your information you will need to update the MY MEMBERSHIP so your profile is added to the JAIN MILAN @ JAINA CONVENTION 2017 group. We are using this group to search and connect with people that are attending the convention. All profiles that have signed up for JAINA CONVENTION 2017 will be searchable until July 15th 2017. Please follow the steps below.
    1. Click on My Membership
    2. Scroll down to EVENTS  and click on JAINA Convention 2017

Select Plan





$ 999

    1. A new pop-up screen will come up if it doesn’t please verify your pop-up blocker is disabled in your browser.

EMAIL:  use the email address you used to register for JAINA CONVENTION 2017. This may be an email address your parents or family member might have used during JAIN Convention 2017 registration process. The email address must match exactly.

Confirmation No. – This is the JAINA Registration # which has Jain Milan Option as part of the JAINA Convention 2017 registration

Email Example: Confirmation Number: N4NABCY3MW5 (needed to view/modify your online registration)   -- Registration email might have came from registration2017@jaina.org

Once both the fields have been filled out please select SUBMIT

    1. If you wish to donate to JAIN MILAN Site, please select the amount below and click DONATE, we are self funded and your donations help improve the site and Jain Milan.
    2. Once you have added the JAINA Convention 2017 please confirm it shows up by selecting My orders or My membership and on top of the page it will show your subscribed membership(s).
    3. Now you will be able to search for all the members that have performed similar steps and are in the JAINA CONVENTION 2017 group. Initially in the search results will be low as not everyone has completed the task listed above. Please encourage your friends to complete the process promptly.
    4. If you are interested in searching and having your profile be accessible by all the registered members of the site then you can also signup for one of the Premium Website plans such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond. These plans are valid for 1 year from the date of registration well beyond the July 15th when the JAINA Convention 2017 profiles that do not have a premium membership will be removed from search results.
    5. To confirm everything saved properly, please log out and close your internet browser and log back into your account and verify your profile details and my membership option to ensure it saved everything.


  1. What are my profile search options on www.jainmilan.org?
  1. There are two types of profiles options that will be displayed in search results. If you have signed up for JAIN MILAN at JAINA Convention 2017 ONLY then when you perform a search only the results of people that have completed the steps above and attending Jain Milan at JAINA Convention 2017 will show in the search. The search count may be lower than total attendees as some people may not have performed the steps outlined above. The search results will be activate until July 15th 2017.
  2. The second search option is for premium paid members who have purchased a yearly membership ( Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond etc.) which will show results of all the paid profiles in our database. This will yield in the most results and membership is active for 1 year from the date of payment.
  3. If a person only creates a profile but does not purchase premium membership or signup for Jain Milan @ Jaina Convention 2017 and perform the steps above to add the membership plan to their account then their profile will not show up under any search results.
  4. Think of it as placing an advertising, if you just write the ad and send it for publication but do not make the payment then the receiver has your ad but it won’t be hosted/posted for display, similar concept with www.jainmilan.org


  1. What if I can’t find my JAINA Convention 2017 registration information?

Please email  registration2017@jaina.org with your question and details (this team is independent of JAIN MILAN team )


  1. What if I have questions or require support for Jain Milan?

If you require support please email jainmilan2017@jaina.org or you can visit our website for FAQ: http://www.jainmilan.org


  1. I want to Volunteer for Jain Milan

We truly appreciate your support, as long as you are married and above the age of 24 we would be honored and gladly accept your help and support. Please signup online at http://www.tinyurl.com/jainmilan2017  this is independent of the JAINA Convention 2017 signup where you also have to select VOLUNTEER option.


  1. How can I interact with other attendees?

We encourage everyone to start the conversation and interact with other attendees prior to the convention. There are many different platforms available for


Whatsapp Group (live information posted here) - https://chat.whatsapp.com/ByMFp0hlYN7D7lvwztiNHI

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/jainmilan2017

Twitter: @JM2017