Jain Milan ( Matrimonial 21 - 42 ) :



Fri - 6/30/17

Sat - 7/1/17

Sun - 7/2/17

Mon - 7/3/17

Tues - 7/4/17

7:00 AM








7:30 AM




8:00 AM



8:30 AM












9:00 AM












9:30 AM












10:00 AM












10:30 AM

Jain Milan Opening Ceremony

Fears- Everyone has fears that they don't want to tell anyone. Now it's time to see how you can overcome those fears.

Compromises- In every relationship, you make compromises. But what compromises should / could you really make?





11:00 AM

How to Introduce yourself in person & online-It's now time to introduce yourselves to everyone at your table.





11:30 AM





12:00 PM









12:30 PM






1:00 PM

Registration Begins / Informal meet and greet

Drive to Park




1:30 PM

Table Discussions

Speed Dating- It's now time to introduce yourselves to everyone and meet as many people as you can.




2:00 PM

Relationship Building




2:30 PM




3:00 PM




3:30 PM

Afternoon Snack Break

Afternoon Snack Break




4:00 PM


Speed Dating




4:30 PM




5:00 PM

Get Ready for Mela

Get Ready for Formal




5:30 PM




6:00 PM

Get Ready for Garba



Drive Back from Park




6:30 PM





7:00 PM




7:30 PM

Group Pictures

Group Pictures

Get ready for evening programming




8:00 PM

Raas / Garba @ Expo Hall

Mela- Fun filled evening with YJP & Jain Milan participants- Casual Dress Code

Masquerade Formal( mask will be provided)Semi-Formal/Formal Outfits

Speed Dating / One-on-One- Learn about each other by talking to each other.- Casual Dress Code




8:30 PM




9:00 PM




9:30 PM




10:00 PM




10:30 PM




10:50 PM


End of programming

End of programming

End of programming


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